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This is Jane Lawson's Audio Blog #068 at DailyStep English.
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Hello, I’m Jane at DailyStep English and welcome to our Audio Blog.

In today’s short blog, you’ll find a great audio proverb about the power of words and writing. You can also download the free MP3 and PDF files of this proverb..

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So, let's take a look at this really positive proverb!

DailyStep Audio Proverb 068

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Here is Audio Proverb #068 from Jane Lawson at

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Words and communication are more powerful and can have a more lasting effect than war and fighting.

Examples: 1. If you force people to do something, they will always resist. Persuasion is much more powerful. The pen is mightier than the sword!

2. Under an oppressive government, the first thing to suffer is the freedom of the press. The words of writers, journalists, film makers and musicians can influence everyone. The pen is mightier than the sword!

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Where do you live? In these 5 short lessons, you will learn how to talk about where you live, and how to ask questions about it. You will also learn how to make conversation and other useful vocabulary.


English for train travel. These 5 lessons show you how to ask and answer questions at a train station, how to buy a ticket, and how to make sure you take the right train. Very important lessons for travellers and also if you work in the tourism business or at a station!

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Level 2: Elementary Level

Conversation about films and cinema. In these 5 lessons, two friends talk about the kind of films that they enjoy, and make arrangements to go to the cinema together. What kind of films do you enjoy? These lessons will help you to talk about them.


Travel conversation and arrangements. In these 5 lessons, you will learn how to ask and answer questions about travel, make arrangements and how to wish someone goodbye before a trip.

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Level 3: Intermediate Level

Restaurant English. Amanda and Joe discuss which kind of restaurant to eat in, and then when they are at the restaurant, they talk about the menu and what they would like to eat. They order the food and drinks, but some of the order does not arrive and they have to complain. These are great lessons for anyone who eats in restaurants or works in a restaurant.


Business English. In these 5 lessons, you will learn how to make and receive a business telephone call with a new contact, arrange a meeting, reschedule a meeting and propose a new business relationship. You will also learn how to make small talk, which can be difficult even in your own language! Great revision for higher levels, too.

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Level 4: High Intermediate Level

Business English – conversation with a colleague. It’s Adam’s first day in his new job and he’s a bit nervous. He soon gets to know Louise, who asks him about his job, tells him all about the company and introduces him to the social life that goes on among his new colleagues. In these 5 lessons, you will learn how to start and drive a conversation, and how to interact with new colleagues. Also, plenty of idioms and phrasal verbs!


Illness and a visit to the doctor. We all get ill sometimes, and these lessons will teach you how to talk about an illness describe symptoms, give advice, and make an appointment with the doctor. You will also learn what to say in the doctor’s surgery and how to ask questions. These 5 lessons are useful for all patients and also for doctors.

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Level 5: Advanced Level

Swine flu – a global pandemic? Every year the newspapers cause a panic about the possibility of the flu virus mutating and forming a new strain of the virus to which we would have no resistance. Is this nightmare scenario a real possibility or does it just sell lots of newspapers? In this 5-part conversation, Nancy and Bill discuss the threat from swine flu and the great flu epidemics that have struck the world in the past.

Vivisection Debate. Experimentation on animals for medical or cosmetic testing is a topic that divides opinion. Most people are against cruelty to animals but some feel that it is necessary to carry out controlled laboratory experiments on live animals to further medical progress and test new drugs. Jack and Diane both have strong opinions on this issue. With these 5 lessons, you’ll learn hot debating techniques and also perhaps refine your own view on the matter.

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Well, that is it for today! I’ll be in touch again soon. Thank you for your many requests about subjects you would like me to cover in my blogs. I will cover as many of them as I can!


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